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Realized solutions Industrial Applications

This photo gallery shows articles about realized solutions by SCT company. More information, technical description, datasheets and price lists of individual components and systems are stored in webpage


mve1 ParcelDeliveryVan

Temperature Monitoring of wooden pellets

Application serves to guard temperatures of wooden pellets. Gained temperatures are shown on the web and simultaneously evaluated for SMS alarm sending.

Monitoring of Small Water Power Plant

Monitoring and partly even controlling the Small Water Power Plant. Telemetric device periodically sends SMS status about produced power and water level. BaWit also guards the premises using external sensors. Remote control via SMS enables to deactivate the whole power plant.

Monitoring of Temperatures of Groceries in Food Vans

Temperature measuring of packed groceries transported in regular food vans to customers. Temperature level guarding and SMS alarm sending. Special HW desing for customer demands - with built-in rechargeable accumulator.
budova Ozon-Genetator sct5060_doplnenie

Temperature monitoring in buildings

Temperature acquisition from different places within a building realized via Radio Frequency. Data sending to web server. Alarm conditions are under surveillance and SMS is sent after satisfying them.

Ozone generators monitoring

Controlling and monitoring of ozone generators. Monitoring temperature thresholds in order to control of generators cooling to prevent overheating. Remote control via web or SMS.

Monitoring of gas regulation station

Monitoring of technological processes with GPRS transmission of data mostly from gas regulation stations. Technical support and basic diagnostics available from dispatch office.
sct5050_doplnenie P1070269

Monitoring of relative humidity and temperature on vessels

Monitoring of temperatures and relative humidity on secodnd deck of boats. Automated control of water pump depending on water level. Additional temperature measurement with PT1000 sensor and sampling analog input 4-20mA. Data transfer to

Monitoring of wholesale gas supply points

Monitoring and remote data transfer from different commercial gaugers. Optional remote configuration and controlling. Mounting into switchboard cabinet.

Testing Chamber

Special room - chamber dedicated to test own products after assembling. Exams consists of termal tests such as freeze, hot and vibrations and other stress conditions.
skao_ba SO_17 epd

Monitoring of Stations of cathodic protection

Solution to monitor the station of corrosion protection. Time synchronization realized by GPS.

Monitoring of gas middle-consumer

Monitoring of gas regulation stations at middle-consumers.

Electrically Polarized Drainage - EPD

To check and monitor stations serving as metal construction protection in gas industry - Electrically Polarized Drainage. System BaWiT-U2 due to its feastures is ideal solution for that.

Montaze_15 dispecing_b

Pictures from installation and mounting in the field

Few views through eyes of technicians in the field.

Monitoring system of gas plant

Solution offers data acquisition from gas technological objects (regulation stations) and data transfer via RF to the dispatch office of the plant. Realization on the turnkey - sensors mounting on regulation station, monitoring of controling device via own computer (RTU), data transfer in 450 MHz bandwith with own protocol, dispatch solution (PC network, monitoring software, office furniture).