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Gas Management System

Statistical body upon SCADA system. It offers connection to other systems.

Data Monitoring eXtended

SCADA for monitoring and controling of battery telemetric systems


Registration and planning of servicing and maintenance. It displays data from technological objects in various outputs.

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Management system

Software serves for tasks registration, to store documentations and projects and many others.

Data transfer from technology

Company also deals with transfers from/to technology. Communication is realized in GSM, RF and other bandwiths.

Parallel data transmission

Monitoring system of gas consumption. It offers data transfer for two parties simultaneously.



SMS server

Dispatch's software

Software provides archival data presentation from SCADA system. It supports multimedia content and displays data in various formats.

Communication server

Server gathers data from technological objects. Realtime operation provides quick data availability. It uses SQL database.

SMS server

Servise offers sending of notification SMS's with required data from technological objects.