Slovenčina (Slovenská republika)
About company Structure
Company structure:
  • Director and secretariat
  • Personal and economical department
  • Department of technical development
  • Department of prduction and finalization
  • Department of software development
  • Department of sales and marketing
  • Technical and applications department
  • Department of education and inspection

We offer:

  • Research and Development of own projects
    • Development of telemetric systems
    • Development of sensors nad industrial I/O interfaces
    • Development of communication systems on GSM basis
    • Development of communication servers for data gathering from technological objects
    • Development of measuring and registration systems
    • Development of software client - server applications
  • Prototype and serial production and testing of industrial systems
    • prototype production of small systems
    • serial production of telemetric systems
    • production and finalization of switchgears
    • Automated testing of systems in temperature range
      from -40°C to +85°C
  • Project desing and mounting
    • Design of controlling systems for standard environment and Ex environment
    • Finalization and mounting of systems all around Slovakia
  • Technical support to own systems all around Slovakia
    • dispatch service
    • HOT-LINE
    • Training second parties for own system operation at own training center