Ozone Generators Monitoring

Controlling and monitoring of ozone generators. Monitoring temperature thresholds in order to control of generators cooling to prevent overheating. Remote control via web or SMS.


Application is used to monitor and partially control the ozone generator. Monitoring is carried out with external sensors and BaWiT –E. Used sensors are for measuring airflow, ozone level and temperature. Ozone level is directly regulated with a loop back from BaWiT or remotely via SMS upon request. The generator can be completely remotely disabled. Telemetric unit monitors the generator and acording to airflow rate enable or disables it. This feature saves the generator from overheating. Remote control is ensured via SMS or web interface.

External power keeps BaWiT in normal mode, when it measures and transfers data to the server. If power outage occurs BaWiT –E goes to sleep mode to save internal battery. Then it doesn'e measure neither transfer data. BaWiT –E shows on its display last measured data. Measurements and transfers are managed by time schedules. BaWiT –E allows to send SMS alarms. Alarms are set to guard the airflow rate. When the airflow rate goes under the limit BaWiT turns off the generator and sends the SMS. On the other hand when the airflow rate goes up again, another SMS is sent and the generator is being turned on by BaWiT.

All measured values are archived and transfered to the web www.BaWiT.eu.


BaWiT modules

Extended modules of BaWiT. Modules GSM, ETH, CDMA, RF, OLED, USB-TTL232. More details on web pages for BaWiT modules.


BaWiT-A/B Series

Mechanically and chemically durable BaWiTs.

  • BaWiT A/B with battery power (up to 10 years battery lifetime)
  • operational temperature range
    -40°C to +75°C
  • resistance agains vibrations
  • usable in hard environment
  • SPL programming language
  • (Zóne 1)

More details on web pages for BaWiT-A/B.

Sensors for battery systems

Sensors with low voltage consumption. 

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Sensors on long cable
  • Sensors in-build in BaWiTs
  • Converter USB-RS485.

More details for series BaWiT-S.

PCT PLC Modules

New PLC modules was released. 

BaWiT-C/M/F Series

BaWiT family devices was extended with modular option BaWiT-C/M/F devices.

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