Server gathers data from technological objects. Realtime operation provides quick data availability. It uses SQL database.


Communication server SCT 3530

Communication server is intended to capturing of technological data from various technological objects. Server is equipped with modules for data processing in Real-Time operating system and archiving and statistical processing in SQL database. Provides option of data pre-processing for master systems (SCADA…). Allows communication by various protocols and supports many communication services.

  • GSM modules up to 18 GSM modems – data capturing from hundreds of GSM stations
  • IPC Modules up to 7 multifunctional modules for data processing, 1 module for max 10 input communication lines
  • LCD Module – for configuration and control
  • SQL Module – with system Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 database
  • Double redundant power supply with shared load
  • DT Switch to connection of LCD, SQL and IPC modules
  • RS232 ports at patch panel RJ45
  • Control units and other





BaWiT modules

Extended modules of BaWiT. Modules GSM, ETH, CDMA, RF, OLED, USB-TTL232. More details on web pages for BaWiT modules.


BaWiT-A/B Series

Mechanically and chemically durable BaWiTs.

  • BaWiT A/B with battery power (up to 10 years battery lifetime)
  • operational temperature range
    -40°C to +75°C
  • resistance agains vibrations
  • usable in hard environment
  • SPL programming language
  • (Zóne 1)

More details on web pages for BaWiT-A/B.

Sensors for battery systems

Sensors with low voltage consumption. 

  • Temperature sensor
  • Humidity and temperature sensor
  • Magnetic field sensor
  • Sensors on long cable
  • Sensors in-build in BaWiTs
  • Converter USB-RS485.

More details for series BaWiT-S.

PCT PLC Modules

New PLC modules was released. 

BaWiT-C/M/F Series

BaWiT family devices was extended with modular option BaWiT-C/M/F devices.

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